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18 11 2007

Having seen these website thumbnails at w3csites, I have found them pretty useful.

If you want a small thumbnail of any website, just link as an image to:

for instance like this:

You can also specify different image sizes using additional parameters, for instance adding &w=240&h=180&sdx=1024&sdy=768&q=90 to the end of the previous example would give a thumbnail with width 240px, height 180px taken on a screen of resolution 1024×768 with a jpeg quality of 90%.

Below is a full list of parameters, as detailed on their site.

url the URL you want to capture
w the width of the thumbnail
h the height of the thumbnail
sdx the screen port size ( i.e. 1024 ) width
sdy the screen port size height
q the quality of the image ( jpeg ) – from 30 to 90 %
rot rotate the image yes / no ( 1 / 0 )
deg degree of rotation ( from – to 360 )
bg background color when rotated in hex, without #

All images taken using artviper take a while to appear, but I’ve found that after around 24 hours they are done. They are cached, so they only need to be generated once.

More details at



One response

21 10 2008

thanks, nice info. I use this in my web

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